Library Skills Workshops has a version of Library Skills Workshop B - Finding journal, magazine and newspaper articles in periodical databases.  It is undergoing testing!

English 93 and 92/93 Site for Sharing Assignments and Activities

Welcome to your distance education English lab portal, where you will find multiple resources designed to help you become a stronger reader and writer.  Log into this virtual lab space to fulfill your required lab hours, and even after you have completed those hours, please continue to come here to locate your reading and writing resources and to communicate with your teacher and classmates.

Welcome to the online home of the ESL Tech Committee.

This is a sample course template. It includes headers for weeks, sample books, discussion forum, and quizzes, as well as provides a "sample" layout for course flow. Goodies include ideas for how to display "required readings" and a "Learner Contract" quiz to motivate learners to actually peruse your syllabus and required readings materials.